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Emergency Management

26 Mar 2020

Fingal County Council and COVID-19: Help us to help you.

A number of our services can be completed over the phone, by mail or online.

You can contact Customer Care Unit at 01 8905000 . Paperwork can be sent by e-mail. E-mail addresses may be found on our website at

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Fingal Community Response Forum

A dedicated community support helpline and email address has been launched to assist at-risk members of the public in accessing non-emergency and non-medical supports and advice. Find out more here.

Aircraft Noise Competent Authority established

The Aircraft Noise Competent Authority is the new body responsible for ensuring that noise generated by aircraft activity at Dublin Airport is assessed in accordance with EU and Irish legislation.

From September 1, under the Aircraft Noise (Dublin Airport) Regulation Act, 2019, the Competent Authority is responsible for ensuring the application of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Balanced Approach to aircraft noise management where a noise problem or potential noise problem at the Airport is identified.

Gilbert Power, a Director of Service with Fingal County Council, has been appointed Director of the Aircraft Noise Competent Authority. Engineering, technical and administrative staff have been put in place with a supporting team of specialist experts.

Under the Act, Fingal County Council was assigned responsibility for the setting up and operation of the Aircraft Noise Competent Authority and its Interim Chief Executive AnnMarie Farrelly said: “The Competent Authority has now been formally established with a core staff to enable it carry out its role in an independent and transparent manner as legally required under the Act.

“The Aircraft Noise Competent Authority will now implement its mandate to assess current and predicted future levels of aircraft noise at Dublin Airport including noise assessments of future planning applications for development at the airport.”

Ms Farrelly added:  “Fingal County Council has a track record of performing the role of competent authority in areas such as planning and environment, and will now continue this in the area of aircraft noise regulation.  

“The Authority will be able to draw upon specialist national and international expertise in areas including aircraft noise, aviation, environment and planning, when required, to assist staff in making key decisions associated with the functions of the Authority.”

The Director of the Aircraft Noise Competent Authority, Gilbert Power, said: “We are now ready to start our work and fulfilling our obligations under the Aircraft Noise (Dublin Airport) Regulation Act 2019. Our initial work over the next few months will be to train in staff and review the existing data on noise levels at Dublin Airport.

“The Act is very specific as to what we can and cannot do and we will be adhering strictly to its parameters in the course of our work,” added Mr Power.

The Competent Authority does not deal with individual aircraft noise complaints which should continue to be made to the daa at

Further information and links to useful documents is available on the website of the competent authority . The Aircraft Noise Competent Authority can be contacted by email [email protected] or by phone 01-8905000


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