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Dog Licences (General)

Animal Control

Dog Licences

A dog licence can only be bought at any Post Office or online at Licences.ie. Licence Fee: €20.00 per year. Lifetime Licence €140.00.  Lifetime licences can also be purchased online at Licences.ie.   If you do not have a licence for your dog, you are liable to a €100 “on-the-spot” fine. Failure to pay this fine can lead to a prosecution with a maximum fine of €1,270 and/or up to 3 months imprisonment if convicted. 

Dog Identification

Your dog must wear a collar with your name and address inscribed on it, or on a plate, badge or disc attached to the collar.  If you do not have identification for your dog you can be fined €100 by the dog warden, or in the District Court you could get a fine of €1,270 and / or 3 months imprisonment. 

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