Creative Ireland Fingal Consultation

Fingal “In Creative Conversation”



Over the period of the Creative Fingal Programme, Fingal County Council are keen to facilitate an on-going dialogue on creativity in Fingal among the community, creative practitioners and across a broad range of stakeholders in the arts, culture, heritage, sports, STEM and business sectors. Through the medium of film, these diverse conversations about creativity in Fingal will be recorded and shared online and in stakeholder communications over the course of the five year programme. This will build a digital repository of the developing, dynamic and unique creative culture of Fingal and reflect the views of the diverse range of people involved in our creative conversation.


Public Information Session – Carlton Hotel, Dublin Airport 24 April 2017

The consultation process started in April with a Public Information Session which was recorded and can be viewed through the three links on this page.

  • Creative Ireland National Perspective – Speaker: Michael O’Reilly (see link above)
  • Creative Ireland Fingal Perspective – Speakers: Mayor of Fingal, Councillor Darragh Butler & Chief Executive of Fingal County Council, Paul Reid (
  • Creative Ireland Public Information Session Audience Feedback (


Other forms of consultation will take place in the future but our team is open to hearing your thoughts and ideas if you want have your say now.  Email us at [email protected] with “Creative Ireland Fingal Consultation” in the subject line.