River Basin Management Plan

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Community Water Development Fund 2019

The Local Authority Waters Programme announced the launch of an open call for applications to a Community Water Development Fund 2019. Closing date for receipt of applications is Tuesday 12th February 2019 at 7.00pm.

The Community Water Development Fund aims to support communities in progressing water related projects and initiatives, delivering benefits locally whilst also helping to meet the objectives of the River Basin Management Plan for Ireland and the wider EU Water Framework Directive.  This fund is open to all community and voluntary groups to assist in the protection and management of water quality, both locally and in the wider catchment. This can include the development of a catchment partnership or River/Lake Trust, and delivery of local projects to protect and improve water quality in a local waterbody. This fund will enable communities to get more involved in the management of their local water environment, delivering multiple benefits for present and future generations. The fund is administered by the Local Authority Waters Programme on behalf of the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government.

Types of projects considered will include:

  • Capital projects such as restoration/habitat conservation/natural flood mitigation measures.
  • Projects that promote public awareness/education and events such as biodiversity days, surveys, training workshops, surveys and plans, etc.
  • General amenity such as beach clean, improving amenity areas, bird watching facilities, etc.


Grants awarded will range from up to €5,000; up to €10,000 and up to €25,000.

The fund is capped at €180,000 for 2019.

Guidance Notes in respect of the Community Water Development Fund 2019 are available to download via www.catchments.ie.  To obtain an Application Form please contact the Local Authority Waters Programme at 0761 06 6230 or [email protected]


Have your say on the timetable and work programme for Ireland's River Basin Managment Plan 2022-2027

The Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government has published the timetable and work programme setting out the main steps and milestones in the three year process of preparing Ireland’s third River Basin Management Plan (RBMP), which will be published in December 2021.

It also highlights the measures which the Department will take to ensure comprehensive engagement with the public and to set out the agreed steps which will be taken to engage with all stakeholders across the work programme. 

A short, targeted questionnaire has been developed to facilitate responses to some of the key questions  relation to the development of the RBMP. The responses received to this questionnaire will helpdetermine the public's opinion on the current RBMP and the level of engagement between the implementation bodies and stakeholders. It will also help to shape the development of the consultation process at different stages of the Plan, and will guide assessment of the success of the measures we have put in place in the current RBMP 2018-2021 to improve water quality.

Complete this survey and have your say on Ireland's 3rd Cycle River Basin Management Plan 2022-2027


This consultation closes at the end of June 2019. 

Full details of the proposed timetable and work programme, and how to make a submission via post or email are available on the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government's website.

River Basin Management Plan for Ireland 2018-2021

The Government has published the River Basin Management Plan for Ireland 2018-2021. The Plan sets out the actions or measures that Ireland will take to improve water quality and achieve ‘good’ ecological status in water bodies (rivers, lakes, estuaries and coastal waters) by 2027 as is required under the Water Framework Directive (WFD). Measures include the following:

  • Planned investment by Irish Water of approximately €1.7 billion in waste-water projects;
  • Deployment of 43 local authority investigative assessment personnel, who will work in Prioritised Areas for Action;
  • Improved controls for the management of water abstractions;
  • A new collaborative Sustainability and Advisory Support Programme between Government and the dairy industry, consisting of 30 Sustainability Advisors promoting agricultural best practice in 190 Areas for Action;
  • The development and implementation of a “Blue Dot Catchments Programme” for the protection of high-status waters; and
  • The extension of the grant scheme for repairs, upgrade and replacement of domestic waste-water treatment systems, with priority given to high-status catchments.

The Prioritised Areas for Action within Fingal as outlined in the Plan are the catchments of Rogerstown Estuary, Santry River, Mayne River and Upper Tolka.

Stakeholder and public engagement is being led by the recently-established Water Forum (An Fóram Uisce) and the Local Authority Waters and Communities Office (LAWCO). LAWCO drives public engagement, participation and consultation with communities and stakeholders at local and regional level. This engagement is further supported by www.catchments.ie and www.watersandcommunities.ie and by a wide range of other activities aimed at facilitating and encouraging engagement.

If you need more information or you would like to get involved in improving water quality, please contact the Local Authority Waters and Communities Office.

E: Mail: [email protected]

Phone: 0761065262

Website: www.watersandcommunities.ie 

Further information is available at