Protected structures

A protected structure is a building, feature or structure of special interest that is protected for architectural, social, archaeological, technical, historical, cultural, artistic and scientific reasons. The protection includes the interior and exterior of the structure, and the lands and any other buildings within its boundary, unless otherwise determined by the Conservation Officer. 

Record of Protected Structures

Protected structures in Fingal are listed in the  Record of Protected Structures Document, which is contained in the appendices of the Fingal Development Plan 2011 – 2017 (link). Protected structures are marked on the Fingal Development Plan 2011 - 2017(link to ID 2.4.1) by a yellow circle containing a unique RPS number. If you need further details about the structure and its location you can contact the Fingal Conservation Officer, contact details are at the bottom of this page.

Structures are normally added to or deleted from the RPS when the Fingal County Development Plan is being reviewed, but the RPS can be amended at any time following a public consultation process and a decision by Fingal County Councillors.

Guide to Protected Structures Document

Ownership of a Protected Structure

There is a duty on owners or occupiers of protected structures to prevent their building being harmed through damage or neglect.  Planning permission is also needed for all works that affect the character of a protected structure. This means that permission is needed for a wider range of works than would normally apply.  

You can obtain a list of the works for your property that do or do not require planning permission by asking for a Declaration from the Fingal Conservation Officer. This service is free.

Declarations Guidance Document

Planning Application

Before lodging a planning application you should consult with the local Area Planner and the Conservation Officer.  Planning applications must also comply with the Validation Checklist for protected structures. If a building survey is required it must comply with the Guidelines for Achitectural Survey & Assessment of Protected Structures.

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