Newspaper Advertisements/ Fógraí Nuachtáin

Advertisments published  2019 

Fógraí foilsithe 2019  


Méan Fómhair/September 

Fingal CC TRC Tower Road Whites Road 12.09.19

Fingal CC Variation to FDP 10.09.19

Fingal CC proposed TRC Railway Street 10.09.19

Fingal CC Supplier Engagement Event 10.09.19

Fingal CC Commercial Minor Building Works 10.09.19

Fingal CC Climate Action Plan 09.09.19

Fingal CC TRC Whites Road 05.09.19

Fingal CC Youth Sports Grant Scheme 05.09.09

Fingal CC TRC New Street,Malahide 04/09/19

Fingal CC LAP Dublin Airport 03/09/2019

Fingal CC Traffic Calming Scheme 03/09/2019

Fingal CC TRC Horestown Road 03/09/2019

Fingal CC TRC Coillros 2nd 03/09/2019

Fingal CC Local Elections Donations 03/09/2019



Fingal CC TRC Dublin Half Marathon 29/08/2019

Fingal CC TRC Coast Road 28/08/19

Fingal CC Traveller Accommodation Programme 26/08/19 28/08/19

Fingal CC TRC Skerries 2nd 27/08/2019

Fingal CC TRC Windmill Rise 2nd 27/08/2019

Fingal CC TRC Colecot Road 2nd 27/08/2019

Fingal CC TRC Windmill Rise 13/08/2019

Fingal CC PN Strand Street 13/08/2019

Fingal CC TRC Skerries Race 13/08/2019

Fingal CC TRC Colecot Road 13/08/2019

Fingal CC TRC Hansfield Train Station access road 07/08/2019

Fingal CC TRC Coast Road Baldoyle 07/08/2019

Fingal CC TRC Lauders Lane Sutton 01/08/2019




Fingal CC TRC Rathbeale Road 2nd advert 30/07/2019

Fingal CC TRC Blackwood Lane 2nd advert 30/07/2019

Fingal CC TRC Triathlon Skerries 2nd advert 30/07/2019

Fingal CC Addendum Notice 25/07/2019

Fingal CC TRC Lauders Lane Sutton 24/07/2019

Fingal CC Mechanical Services Vacancy 25/06/2019

Fingal CC Executive Solicitor 25/07/2019

Fingal CC TRC Clonsilla 2nd 25/07/2019

Fingal CC TRC Harbour Road 23/07/2019

Fingal CC TRC Blackwood Lane 17/07/2019

Fingal CC Water Pollution Licences 16/07/2019

Fingal CC TRC Triathlon Skerries 16/07/2019

Fingal CC TRC Rush Harbour Festival Airshow 16/07/2019

Fingal CC TRC Rathbeale Road 16/07/2019

Fingal CC SPC Scheme 16/07/2019

TRC New Street Malahide 2nd 10/07/19

Fingal CC TRC Clonsilla Rd 11/07/2019

Fingal CC CPO Bremore Castle Balbriggan 11/07/2019

Fingal CC LAP Kellystown 11/07/2019




Meitheamh/June 2019

Fingal CC TRC Park Rd Rush 25/06/19

Fingal CC TRC Skerries 25/06/2019

Fingal CC TRC Hearse Road 25/06/2019

Fingal CC LAP Kellystown 20/06/2019

Temporary Senior Noise Technical Officer Advert 20/06/2019

Fingal CC TRC New Street Malahide 19/06/2019

Fingal CC TRC Hearse Rd Donabate 18/06/2019

Fingal CC TRC Fingal County Show 18/06/2019

Fingal CC TRC Balheary Swords 11/06/2019

TRC Park Road 11/06/2019

Fingal CC TRC Loughshinny Moto Club 11/06/2019

TRC Park Road 11/06/2019

Fingal CC CPO Wellview Grove 06/06/2019

Fingal CC CPO Land Broadmeadow Way 06/06/2019

Fingal CC Notice of Meeting 04/06/2019 06/06/2019


Bealtaine/May 2019

TRC Tower Road_Whites Road 2nd 30/05/19

Fingal CC Legal Assistant Vacancy 30/05/19

TRC Balheary Avenue 1st 28/05/19

TRC Hearse Road 1st. 28/05/19

Resident's ticket Scheme Malahide concerts 21/05/19

Town and Village renewal scheme 2019 27/05/19

TRC Roadworks Rathbeale road 21/05/19

Trading Concession Newbridge Donabate 21/05/19

TRC Tower Road and Whites Road 16/05/19

Africa Day 21/05/19

Notice of Poll: Local Elections Candidates in all LEAs

Social Housing Assessment 2019

Temporary Closure Roads Garristown May 26th 

Draft Masterplan for Castlelands Balbriggan


Márta/March 2019

Temp Road Closure Orchard Rd Keoghs Cross 2nd Ad 

Vacancies Exec Park Superintendent Ass Parks Superintendent

  Vacancies Administrative Officer Senior Staff Officer

Public Notice Flavours of Fingal Show 2019

Taking in Charge Beverton Clonard Rd Millers Glen etc

Temp Road Closure Keoghs Cross

Temp Closure Corballis Road Donabate

Beach Trading Concessions 2019

CP (1 Wellview Grove and 10 Corduff Cottages, Dublin 15) Order 2019 Advert

Temp Road Closure Station Rd Lusk 1st Ad

Temporary Road Closure Corballis 1st Advert

Temp Road Closures Balbriggan Swords 2nd Ad

CPO (40 Bremore Castle and 64 Bremore Castle, Balbriggan, Co Dublin) Advert



Feabhra/February 2019


Royal Canal Urban Greenway Public Engagement 

Draft Local Area Plan Kinsaley

Part 8 Rush Multipurpose Youth Facility

Various Road Closures Balbriggan Swords 1st ad

Rush Paint and Shopfront Improvement Scheme  

Temporary Road Closure Lusk Athletic Club 4 Mile Race

Extinguishment Right of Way Old Navan Rd Castleknock Tennis Club

Vacancy Plant Supervisor Leixlip and Electrical Technician

Draft Climate Change Action Plan 2019-2024

Vacancy Beach Lifeguard Summer 2019 Vacancy Beach Lifeguard Summer 2019

Part 8 Porterstown All Weather Running Track and Sports Pitch


January/Eanáir 2019

Proposed Temp Road Closure Skerries, Lusk Athletic Road Race 

Compulsory Purchase Order Mayne Rd Hole in the Wall Rd

Notice of Rates Having Been Made

Temp Road Closure Somerton Lane

Vacancies Exec Quantity Surveyor Technician Ass Engineer etc

Vacancies Staff Officer Librarian Clerical Officer

Part 8 Infill Dwellings Wellview Estate Dublin 15

Part 8 re Residential Dwellings Rowlestown

Vacancy General Operative

Proposed Temporary Road Closure Somerton Lane

GAA Club Waste Prevention Competition

Temp Road Closure Sundrive Road Rush

Traffic Calming Balrothery

New Year Advert

Notice of Intention to make Rate 2019