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‌We all waste food.  It can’t be helped - plans change, we prepare too much, leftovers go off in the fridge, we forget about the stuff in the bottom of the freezer, etc. As wasting food happens for different reasons there will be different ways for each of us to change how we do things to reduce our food waste and save ourselves money.

Stop Food Waste challenged 14 Skerries householders to set themselves a target to reduce their food waste by at least 1/4. By doing this they were able to save as much as €60 a month – that will help with some of the bills!

The Stop Food Waste Challenge - a tasty road to less food waste and more cash in your pocket – it involved 4 one hour meetings which will take place over a 5 week period. They were hosted by Edwina Dunford the Environmental Education Officer for Fingal County Council.

The meetings covered the following:

  • Awareness of what is being wasted
  • The importance of proper planning of meals and using your shopping list
  • How smart shopping can ensure that you don’t waste your hard earned money on food that you don’t really need
  • Storing food properly to make the most of what you have bought
  • New ways of cooking, serving and reusing the food that you have in your home
  • Finally, how to deal with the unavoidable food waste we do generate and the many methods of home composting

By working through this challenge we reduced food waste, saved money and had some fun on the way!

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Christmas  – lovely leftover recipes!

And so this is Christmas,

and the cookings yet to taste,

lets hope its a good one,

without too much waste!

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Christmas Recipes