Noise Pollution

Complaints of noise from various sources include: loud music, barking dogs, DIY, burglar alarms and noise from pubs, clubs, factories and building sites.

Domestic Noise Pollution

If you have a problem with noise often the best approach is to contact the person responsible and explain that you are being bothered by the noise. In many cases people do not realise they are disturbing anyone and will be more considerate in future. 

If you wish to make a complaint about noise we recommend that you keep a record of the noise nuisance. This will show how often the noise is occurring, how it is affecting you and may be used as evidence in any legal action under section 108 of the Environmental Protection Agency Act 1992. See forms below.

Commercial Noise Pollution

If you wish to make a complaint about noise from a commercial site we recommend that you keep a record of the noise nuisance. This will show how often the noise is occurring, how it is affecting you and may be used as evidence in any legal action. However, when making a complaint, it helps our investigation if you have a contact name and address of the site/premises at hand so we can deal with the complaint more promptly.

Construction site noise

Certain activities on construction sites are noisy. Although some noise may be unavoidable, it can often be controlled using improved work practices.  Our department can investigate a noise nuisance caused by construction sites.  The objective of our investigation is to determine compliance with the principles of best practice with regard to the minimisation of noise from the site. 

The guidelines are made based on the requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency Act 1992 (Noise) Regulations 1994.

The permissible hours of operation of a building site within Fingal County Council are;

Monday to Friday                              08.00 – 19.00
Saturday                                           08.00 – 13.00

Sundays and Public Holidays           No activities shall take place on site.

The hours of operation of a development are often specifically conditioned at the planning permission stage. You can search for a planning application below;
View or search planning applications 

On occasion when work must be carried on outside daytime hours, The Environmental Health Section, local residents and businesses in areas which are likely to be affected by noise from the proposed works should be notified in advance

To complain about a construction site causing noise please contact the Noise Unit on 01-8906280

Environmental Noise Maps and Area Plans

Under the Environmental Noise Regulations 2006 (SI NO 140), the four local authorities, within Dublin (Dublin City Council, Fingal, Dun Laoghaire Rathdown and South Dublin County Councils), are required to produce ‘Maps’ for noise emanating from major Industry and transport. Download a copy of the plan here Dublin Noise Action Plan 2013-2018

 The aims of this Directive are:

  • To monitor environmental noise problems by requiring authorities in Member States to draw up "strategic noise maps" for major roads, railways, airports and agglomerations, using harmonised noise indicators Lden (day-evening-night equivalent level) and Lnight (night equivalent level). These maps are to be used to assess the number of people annoyed and sleep-disturbed respectively throughout each member state in the European Union.
  • To inform and consult the public about noise exposure, its effects, and the measures to be considered to address noise problems.
  • To address local noise issues by requiring authorities to draw up action plans to reduce noise where necessary and maintain the environmental acoustic quality where it is good. The directive does not set any limit value, nor does it prescribe the measures to be used in the action plans, which remain at the discretion of the competent authorities.
  • To develop a long-term EU strategy, which includes objectives to reduce the number of people affected by noise in the longer term, and provides a framework for developing existing Community policy on noise reduction from source.

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