Roads and Transportation forms

Forms relating to road openings and road closings 

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  Temporary Road Closure Application Form  (IN ACCORDANCE WITH SECTION 75 OF THE ROADS ACT 1993).
6 week minimum advance notification
  Application for a Residents Parking Permit  Resident Permit Application Form 2015
  Application for Special Permit Parking  Application Special Permit-parking
  Application for Visitors Parking Discs  Application Residents Visitors Discs
Abnormal Loads Application Form  Article 17 of the Road Traffic (Construction, Equipment & Use of Vehicles) Regulations, 1963. Application for Abnormal Load Permit to authorise the Use of Vehicles(s) on Public Roads maintained by Fingal County Council
  Walking Bus Information and Consent form  School Walking Bus Document
Online Form
Roadworks Licence Applications
 MapRoad Roadworks Licensing is the new national system for the management and processing of roadworks licence applications.
  Road Opening Licence Application Form includes list of Conditions applying to this Road Opening Licence Application made to
Fingal County Council, Operations Department